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    • Diamond Core Drill SCY-2050 SCY-2050E

    1: E Represents the stepless speed regulation, constant power, soft start
    2: C Represents the gear speed regulation
    3: Safety Clutch and Overload Protection.
    4: Water proof switch with PRCD
    5: With vertical stand

    • Detail:
    Product model SCY-2050 SCY-2050E
    Concrete drilling range (mm) ~8"
    Rated voltage ( v) 110/220 110/220
    Rated frequency (Hz) 50~60 50~60
    Rated input power (w) 4000 4000
    No-load speed (RPM) 680 100-680

    Diamond drill, also called concrete drill is a new type of tool which can drill on RC, brick and stone, rock, china and fireproof materials. It is hold such characteristics as working without dust, high efficiency, smooth wall of hole and accurate size. It is available in many fields of construction, quality-checking, airfield runway, tunnel of road, railroad and railroad bridge.
    The diamond core drilling machine have functions of soft-starting, constant power, over-loading protection and stepless speed-regulation, second-step gear speed-regulation, third-step gear speed-regulation and with adjustable bracket, with vacuum sucker and drill an inclined bore at the angle of 0-90 degree.

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