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Diamond Core Drilling

Compact, handy electric tool for core drilling in steel-reinforced concrete, masonry and other materials. Dry or wet drilling, hand held or with drill stand.

More holes drilled per working hour. When it comes to drilling, there are some methods in use these days. However, most experts concur that diamond core drilling is more efficient, faster, and more accurate than all other forms of drilling. Diamond core drilling is widely used nowadays, mainly because it does not cause any vibrations or damage to the surrounding area and structures. Additionally, this technique is also noise-free, as well as perfectly safe, thus making it a great and environment-friendly option for construction contractors.

Clean openings and no fractures

Diamond core drilling is also popular because it substantially reduces spalling and almost eliminates the chances of fractures occurring. A contractor can immediately proceed with the planned insertion, installation, or any other operation.
Drilling machines equipped with diamond cores can be used to easily and quickly cut through rebar, as well as reinforced concrete. This feature allows the users to make holes or desired proportions at pretty much any location. With a diamond core drill, one can make a hole which spans almost 70 inches in diameter, and for a variety of purposes. These can include making openings for plumbing or electrical work, or, say, HVAC installation.
Concrete Core Drill Bit (Closed-Head) is for use with Gasoline or Electric-Powered Core Drilling Machines to obtain drilled cores of hardened concrete or asphalt. The core bit has one-piece seamless construction and easily attaches directly to the drilling machine; it works best in light to medium-duty applications. Diamond Coring Bits are designed for wet-use, and offer solid performance for recovering cores from reinforced concrete and similar hard materials. Capable of fast-cutting when used in applications indicated. The bit has a standard 14in (356mm) length that allows for cutting cores up to 12in (305mm) long. The coring bit can be refurbished when it appears worn. Final core diameter is approximately 0.25in (6.4mm) smaller than nominal outside diameter.

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